"Dear Marina,

Until I was introduced to you, I didn't know what is was like to use a top electrologist. Your expertise, your thoughtfulness and your hygienic practices are second to none. I will certainly miss you but do appreciate the 10 years plus that I enjoyed with you here. Best of luck in your new home in Tennessee. I know that before long you will establish yourself as the go-to electrologist in your area. I am already jealous of your future clients.

Very Best Wishes,"

- Mona Marks

"Your Glycolic peels are fantastic"

- Karen

"My skin look fabulous. I love the crystal face microdermabrasion."

- J

"My dermatologist said you are doing a great job with my skin."

- Deana

"Laser doesn't work. I can't believe how great electrolysis works. I am very happy."

- Lane

"Thank you for the great tan. You do such a great job."

- Julieann

"My friend I both had a Aqua facial..the facial was great and our skin looks healthy...."

- Liily and friend

"I must tell you my skin is looking younger since I started with the new procedure Dermatude. Thanks again for doing a wonderful job."

- D